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Welcome to the Garden Explorer of the Botanical Garden Tübingen!
Here, you can explore the livving plant collection of the Botanical Garden Tübingen. Search for scientific or common names of plants, or for a plant list of a certain area in the garden.
There are also suggestions for thematic tours through the garden.

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Botanical garden of the University of Tübingen
The Botanical Garden of the University of Tübingen is a central facility of the university and is used for teaching and research. However, the Botanical Garden also offers the public an opportunity to explore the unique diversity of plants from different regions of the world, or simply relax in beautiful surroundings. Discover our many special plant collections, see natural habitats from high mountains to environments representing the tropical rainforest, a unique opportunity to learn about plants, nature and botany.
The Botanical Garden is open daily during the year, admission is free.